Australian owned and made for over 25 years. And we’re not done yet…

Core Values

Our core values have been shaped over more than 25 years of delivering the finest consoles and services to our clients. They stood to the test of time and these principles remain our bedrock lynchpins. We never tried to cut on either quality, the pace of work or any other construction aspect. We stay true to our full promise of efficiency!


Quality is focal in every little aspect of the process. The mindset of all our employees and business culture. It’s out attention to details that allows us to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously, while staying on schedule and delivering quality time and time again!


Founded in 1992 by engineer Richard Winnicki, AME System is an Australian owned company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Pioneering electric height adjustable consoles based on ergonomic principles and the Six Sigma Management Philosophy, we have been designing and manufacturing ergonomic solutions for our Active Console range for some of the largest corporations both Australia-wide and internationally. As a leading manufacturer of electrical height adjustable workstations and security con-soles, we do our utmost to ensure that all of our designs are as practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Incorporating the best practices in ergonomics & design, we utilize sophisticated materials and manufacturing techniques in all our products, ensuring that you get most out of your investment. The activConsile product is designed with consideration to all relevant control room standards. (Australian and New Zealand Standard 4443:1997, and the international standard ISO 11064). The AME System team design and produce customized consoles for the domestic and international markets for a range of industrial sectors, including mining, security, oil and gas, process engineering, air traffic control, and gamin. These markets recognise the value in investing in technology for the benefit of their employee’s wellbeing as well as gains in productivity.
Air Traffic Control

From working closely with the aviation industry, we have developed custom consoles to provide ergonomics…

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With the digital age bringing with it new challenges and hurdles to overcome, the requirement…

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Casino Gaming

Security and surveillance within the gaming industry is crucial in casino operation. The ActivConsole has…

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Correctional Services

Synchronicity is key in an industry focused in minimizing risk. Keeping your control room staff…

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Dispatch/Mission Control

Whether it’s a small control centre or a large control centre, the object is the…

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With more and more of the world continuing to choose to learn and develop, educational…

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Emergency Services

Emergency services and now more relevant than ever. Requiring real time information at the touch…

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From dealing with an extensive list of high profile companies in the mining industry, we…

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Oil & Gas

The ActivConsole plays a key role in high areas of the oil and gas industry.…

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Power/Process Plants

Time critical information is imperative within a power plant. Operators need to remain alert and…

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Process Engineering

Researching and analyzing various ways in which the process engineering industry operates helps us to…

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Public Safety/Security

Security and surveillance is an industry where being alert is crucial. Fast reaction times are…

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Recording Venues

Small setups, medium setups and large setups. Whether you’ve got two rack effects or seven,…

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Road/Rail Traffic Control

In a time where public transport safety is at an all time high, communication needs…

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