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Our team and expertise are the backbone of our company, allowing us to accomplish absolutely any type of console, regardless of its requirement and/or complexity!
Custom Design
At ActivConsole, we pride ourselves on our ability to continually produce customised solutions tailored for each customer.
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Client Liaison
Everyone is different. That’s why customer involvement in the preliminary design stages of any project iscrucial. The information and feedback that we obtain in these early stages help us to develop a product thatsuits your requirements ergonomically, for maximum efficiency, productivity and safety.
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Concept Development
Once we have all the information required, we commence our concept development stage. This includes analysing collated data, sketching out possible solutions and developing an overall basis for the project. Close attention is paid to all control room Australian and international standards during this stage. We involve our clients frequently during the conceptual stages to assure we are addressing the relevant issues.
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3D Detail Design
Using state of the art CAD tools we take our concepts and develop them in to refined solutions. 3D files are tested and sent for approval by the client before manufacture.
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Our control room consoles are all locally manufactured in Melbourne to ensure fast turnaround on projects and quality assurance on all aspects of the product.
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If anyone knows our product, it’s us. We offer installation for our ActivConsole range anywhere in the world!
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If you can envision it, than we can build it tell us more about your project

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