“AME System’s shop detailing and fabrication phases produced an excellent product which every stakeholder and user has commented upon favourably.

We presented AME with quite specific design criteria and time commitments as conditions precedent to their contract award. AME took them all on professionally and we were never to experience a problem or complaint.

Very importantly, on the tight site and in the tight timeline, the work site was shared with the building works fitout contractor (who was not AME’s head contractor) and they were well impressed with how AME personnel did their work, especially their cooperation in staggering the amount of material they brought up to the site at a time so as to reduce congestion and to maintain safety in the crowded site.

AME worked cooperatively, professionally and efficiently amongst all the other activity and overhead works going on.

The fitout contractor reported they were not distracted by AME’s activities as they fitted in professionally with all the other activity on site.

AME completed their work in 2½ days having been allotted 5 days.”

Russell Ockendon CEO Control Centres Australia