Australian & International Blue-chip companies are demanding the Elite S

Australian & International Blue-chip companies are demanding the Elite S

Battling workplace health and safety is no easy fix, back and neck pain remain one of the top reasons for employee dissatisfaction and time off work in Australian workplaces. Extended sitting periods lie among the leading cause of neck and back injuries in the modern Australian workforce, with new estimates suggesting between 70-90% of Australia’s population will suffer back and neck pain at some point [1] and in “2012-13 the cost impact of work-related injuries and illnesses was estimated to be just over $61 billion [2]”

To combat the increasing trend of worker injury and illness, the newly launched Elite ‘S’ operator console is creating a stir throughout the industry and achieving great success among both Blue Chip corporations and smaller independent operators. The attraction could be attributed to its sophisticated design and operation and its quick return on investment, but the driving factor is its high impact on operator health and safety. Overwhelmingly positive feedback throughout the industry has “reports of decreases in sick leave, improved morale, higher productivity and an overall increase in many key performance indicators.”

Easily adjusted at the touch of a button with digital height readout, the Elite S can be raised or lowered to an accurate sitting or standing height. With arguably the largest range of movement on the market, you would be hard pressed to find a group of operators the Elite ‘S’ doesn’t adapt to.


Innovative Ergonomic Technology

Utilising high-quality, modern technologies throughout the console, the true genius is inside the lifting technology – the trademark behind every ActivConsole. Incredibly reliable Danish built LINAK® actuators have been a mainstay of the ActivConsole range since its first height adjustable workstation was produced in 1992 and have been used worldwide for over 40 years. Boasting an incredible performance and safety record, the new range of LINAK® actuators in the Elite ‘S’ set it apart from its class and offer operators a first-hand glimpse at top notch ergonomics. Offering anti-collision software as standard in its four leg variant and an incredible lifting capacity and height range on its two leg design, the Elite ‘S’ tailors itself to its workplace and its operators.

Built to Order and Made in Australia

Customised and built to order as part of the renowned ActivConsole range, the Elite ‘S’ console allows the client to have an impact on the products final configuration, greatly assisting in delivering the perfect solution. Designed to Australian standards, the new console provides an endless amount of configurations to maximise ergonomic benefits for its operators, whilst keeping costs down for employers. Manufactured within Australia, operators can be assured that not only will they be receiving a quality Australian product, they also have access to local contacts and support.

Intuitive Features

Ergonomics are not the only part of the Elite ‘S’ that are worth noting. Seemingly minor details certainly haven’t been overlooked, from the ergonomically designed NaturalEdge finish of its bench top to the simple yet innovative latch release system of its external panels, the console works well both aesthetically and functionally.

Electrically height adjusted, the Elite ‘S’ utilises a digital touch pad control switch,  featuring a safety lock out and programmable memory height positions. Floor mounted storage compartments offer increased hardware capacity and an innovative latch release system ensures your hardware stays locked away from dust and unauthorised access. Heavy duty inbuilt cable management ensures your cables are smartly kept out of sight whilst a large work surface optimises viewing angles and delivers an increased monitor mounting capability for extra heavy monitoring if required. Configurable internal soft-wired power and data systems makes light work of electrical requirements and interlocking base cabinets ensure an endless amount of cable free layouts are possible.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Optional base cabinet and desk top task lighting ensure both your operators and technicians are well taken care of and can work simultaneously on the same console. Manufactured to ensure speedy installation and maintenance without unnecessary downtime, front and rear access panels allow technicians to access the hardware quickly and quietly. Maintenance free lifting actuators ensure unscheduled technical issues and interruptions are a thing of the past, whilst spacious cabin ets and slim line actuators give the technician plenty of much needed room to work.

Power and data modules can be embedded into the bench top, giving operators exclusive access to fast charging and GPO sockets, allowing external hardware, radios and devices to be charged without requiring access to wall power. Optional USB and RJ45 outlets can even be linked directly to the internal hardware to provide effortless access to external data sources without opening the main cabinets.

Building on the success of each ActivConsole, the Elite ‘S’ is a pinnacle of console development and has embedded itself among the elite options available for modern, ergonomic control rooms across Australia and Asia. New sites are currently being fitted out with the new, state-of-the-art console thanks to its incredible adaptability, stunning design and outstanding ergonomic features. The Elite ‘S’ is undoubtedly a proven first step towards a healthier, more productive workplace.

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