Breakthrough in console design promotes good health and increased productivity for control room operators

Breakthrough in console design promotes good health and increased productivity for control room operators

With the activConsole, AME System has forever changed the face of 24/7 control room environments by designing multi level ergonomic consoles. These cater for all body types, enabling an operator to sit or stand at the console with a touch of a button.

The latest version of the activConsole is the Elite Series. From extensive market research and ergonomic assessment, the AME System team have identified numerous problematic features of everyday control room operation. The Elite series console is a product range that addresses many of these problems.

The Elite D Series from ActivConsole has been developed for environments where both functionality and operator comfort are equally important. Independent dual level electric height adjustment gives you the flexibility to adjust both your working surface and your monitor layout at the touch of a button, helping you achieve your optimum ergonomic working configuration. Capable of remembering up to three different operator height positions and displaying an LED read out of the current height, this console ensures shift changeovers are as smooth as possible.

Sporting an enclosed base cabinet, the Elite D series allows for hidden hardware storage with lockable key access for technicians and the interlocking cabinets bolt together for continuous cable management and storage compartments. Able to be customised to any shape using our unique interchangeable base cabinet design and in house manufacturing facilities in Australia, the Elite D series can be tailored to suit every environment.

Supplied with inbuilt configurable power modules and heavy duty cable management, the Elite D series ensures that all cables and hardware are contained within the base cabinet and all external surfaces are neat and tidy. Australian designed and manufactured, the Elite D series is the most ergonomic and comfortable console ActivConsole has ever produced.

Its beneficial features include:

  • Dual level height adjustment
  • Touch pad control switch with safety lock and pre-selectable height settings
  • Greater capacity for housing hardware (PCs, etc.)
  • Floor mounted storage compartment with pull-out drawers
  • Option for 19” rack mounting hardware
  • Bench top fitted pop-up power and data outlets
  • Flexible internal power and data system – allowing user to change configuration for upgrading purposes
  • Large monitor level to allow for added monitor mounting capabilities and optimum viewing angle
  • Bench-top mounted courtesy screen
  • Heavy-duty cable management system for added cable protection with segregated power and data channels
  • Front and rear access to floor mounted hardware cabinet
  • Internal cabinet lighting
  • Bench top task lighting
  • Flexible, strong and lightweight framing design

The AME System  team now design and produce customised consoles for the domestic and international markets for a range of industrial sectors, including mining, security, oil and gas, process engineering , air traffic control, and gaming. These markets recognise the value in investing in technology for the benefit of their employee’s wellbeing as well as gains in productivity.

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